The Creation Room

Your space to create.
Free and accessible in a professional environment.


Got a great idea for the internet but need somewhere to make it happen?

Explore code, design and deployment somewhere awesome.

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Build great things

Wondering about the web?

Thinking about an online market place to sell your home made goods, or perhaps wanting to get your blog on?

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Come create with us

About the Creation Room

The Creation Room is a trial social good initiative created by Adroit Creations in partnership with Promapp and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Environment. It is an open resource for residents of the Hauraki area who are interested in exploring opportunities in the creative and tech industries.


From learning about code and web design to blogging, setting up an online market place to exploring the internet of things and robotics – the Creation Room offers a free, no barriers place to create within the offices of a professional software and consulting company.

No matter what your age, situation or background, provided you have a basic understanding of computers and the internet you can use the Creation Room and its resources at no cost. The Room is open every Monday and Thursday, 10am – 5pm. Visit the Creation Room and explore the opportunities out there or create your own.

Build your own pathway

You no longer need to live in a city or even have a nine to five job to make a living or connect with the world. The internet and creative technology let you create your options. Come and make the most of it. Start your journey at the Creation Room.

No barriers

You don’t need experience or university degrees, just the desire to learn, create and make the most of the opportunities the internet can offer to residents of rural communities.

Make the world yours

It doesn’t matter how old (or how young) you are, everything you need is provided and if it is not we will try to source it for you. We will even run workshops and classes if you are interested. You can use the Creation Room once or all the time. It is up to you. Make the world yours.

Have an idea?

Have an idea but don’t know where to start?

If you think you would like to explore the Creation Room but need some help, you can book some time to discuss your thoughts with one of the Adroit Creations staff.

They will provide honest and unbiased feedback for free.

Make an appointment

The rules

The Creation Room is hosted by Adroit Creations and is part of a private professional working environment. It is not a gaming centre, an internet cafe or a place to be an egg. Adroit Creations reserves the right to bar entry and request departure of any or all individuals. There is a zero tolerance policy for anti-social, dishonest or inappropriate behaviour or use of resources.

All users of the room agree to the code of conduct and absolve Adroit Creations, the Creation Room, all supporters and staff of any liability for loss or injury that may be incurred during the use of the room or its services.

All users of the Creation Room must sign a code of conduct and abide by the rules outlined at all times.

Users agree:

  • to respect other users of the Creation Room and all equipment and property. Users will not purposely cause damage or harm to any persons or property.
  • to act in a professional manner as befitting the Creation Room while using the room or its services.
  • not to use Creation Room resources or services for anti-social behaviour, bullying, trolling or acts of a malicious nature.
  • not to be an egg.
  • to not to act in a way that could be harmful to the reputation of the Creation Room or other users.
  • not to act in a way that could lead to others as believing the user is acting officially on behalf of the Creation Room, Adroit Creations or Technology Partner.
  • to absolve Adroit Creations, the Creation Room, all supporters and staff of any liability for loss or injury that may be incurred during the use of the room or its services.


The Creation Room is open every Monday and Thursday from 10am – 5pm. If you would like to talk about an idea or you need a helping hand to get started, come and see us!


Contact us


+64 21 808 485


Unit B 18 Belmont Road
(entrance off Corbett Street)
Paeroa 3600
New Zealand

Find us on Google Maps.

Turn down the road opposite the Countdown supermarket. We’re the building with the big glass doors.

Some background

A large proportion of the people within the Hauraki district appear to have low access to pathways in the creative technology sector. Providing a means to help reduce barriers to involvement will hopefully improve the economic opportunities and exposure to the opportunities available within the sector.

The goal is to provide a location and network for individuals to access the technology and creative pathways. If people want a space to discover anything from blogging to app building, they can use our offices, equipment and software. We don’t provide hands-on training, but we can point people in the direction of online courses, training and tools. People can also book short appointments to discuss ideas or thoughts with staff.

The Creation Room will also run up to four events a year where we will invite our technology partners and other people to talk about their pathway in the creative technology sector. We are calling these events the Celebration of Dangerous Ideas.

This is a complete trial for us. We are not even sure it will work, but we would like to give it a go.